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White Cotton Fabric

Product quality

Product quality, quality of service and rapid workmanship: these are ITT's strengths.

These strong assets have enabled the company to acquire the world's leading textile brands as customers and the habit and ability to deal in large volumes with large groups.


Production only starts after a careful study of the dyeing quality, which varies according to the material and format to be dyed.

State-of-the-art technologies, combined with 30 years' experience in the industry, guarantee a high standard of production always in line with customer requirements.

The company's cutting-edge machinery allows great flexibility in production with precise adherence to delivery times.

Final checks


  • colour fastness to basic sweat, acid sweat and double-distilled water

  • colour control with spectrophotometer

  • fastness to dry and wet rubbing


  • visual inspection


  • colour control sheets

  • dimensional stability to washing and steam

  • pH check

Meeting the customer's needs: this is ITT's mission. 
The company is not only one of the most reliable dye works, but is also a company able to offer a unique after-sales service that allows the customer continuous control over dyeing quality.

The company also provides permanent advice on problems unrelated to the dyeing process itself.

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