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Our production

Dyed wool


It allows dyeing in staples, tops, bobbins, pieces and hanks.


It is possible to dye all types of material from natural, protein and cellulosic fibres to man-made and synthetic fibres.


Special processes such as black/white and coloured vigoreaux printing are also possible.

Finishing machine


It is characterised by a wide processing range allowing the treatment of all types of fabrics (knits, woven and pile fabrics) and materials.


The company's core business is the processing of 'ready-to-print' fabrics which allow even the lightest of fabrics to be purged.


Environmentally friendly and chlorine-free treatments are also available.


Atelier des teintures
This project was born in 2023 from the collaboration with Vimar1991 in order to respond to the needs of customers who require fast dyeing for small batches and with a Lab Dip study that has an optimal response in production.


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